The Challenge

Pharmaceutical R&D is under pressure to innovate to counter rising operational costs, depleted pipelines and a deluge of patent expiries. Open Innovation (OI) is a proven business model for increasing value and innovation through partnership.

At OI pharma partners we believe there are OI solutions to all the major challenges of drug discovery and development.

Our Vision

OI pharma partners helps the Pharmaceutical industry, academia and the public sector use Open Innovation to accelerate drug development and leverage the power of underutilised Intellectual Property.

We use our pharmaceutical expertise, networks and experience of implementing cultural change to understand your needs, explore with you how OI can help achieve your vision and then work with you to implement OI solutions



Our Customers

  • Large and medium size pharma
  • Research funding organisations
  • Drug regulatory agencies
  • Life science businesses
  • Public sector
  • Academia
  • Non-governmental organisations
"What you’re seeing more and more now is a huge network of collaboration"

Ken Jones, Astellas

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