Update to: Innovahealth Final Report now available

posted 2012-12-11 15:33:08

The iNNOVAHEALTH final report: Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem in Europe for Healthcare (Final_Innovahealth_Report.pdf) is now available.

The report was launched in the European Parliament on 29th November 2012 (http://euapm.eu/news/12).

The personalised medicine agenda is being carried forward by the Irish Presidency and the European Association of Personalised Medicine who have built on the iNNOVAHEALTH recommendations through working groups and these recommendations were discussed at a conference in Dublin on 21st March 2013.

Jackie Hunter invited to chair 2nd evaluation of the IMI

posted 2013-03-07 13:16:24

Jackie Hunter was very pleased to be invited to chair the panel which is conducting the second interim review of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The first evaluation was carried out in 2010 quite soon after the IMI became autonomous and this report can be found on the IMI website (see link). The panel will be working hard over the next few months to deliver the second report in the summer.

Healthy Brain - Healthy Europe: a new horizon for brain research and health care

posted 2013-01-30 12:51:57

Jackie Hunter has been invited to talk at the conference “Healthy Brain - Healthy Europe: a new horizon for brain research and health care” organised by the Irish Presidency and the European Commission on 27-28 May 2013 in Dublin (Ireland), as part of the European Month of the Brain – May 2013 (http://ec.europa.eu/research/brainmonth2013) on the subject of "Re-engaging industry in brain research and innovation (IMI)".

Cyprus Presidency report carried forward under Irish Presidency

posted 2013-01-30 14:44:50

The report developed for the Cyrpus Presidency by OI Pharma Partners and a Special Task Force, with representatives from key healthcare sectorsand the Cyprus Ministry of Health, will form the starting point for further work under the irish Presidency. The recommendations in the area of personalised medicine will be debated at a conference in Dublin on 20-21st March entitled Innovation and Patient Access to Personalised Medicine (http://www.supportbase.eu.com/eapm/html/programme.html).

Second 3-day OI workshop to run in January

posted 2013-01-17 09:42:27

Jackie Hunter and Elisabeth Goodman will be running a second 3 day workshop with WTG on ‘Best Practice in Open Innovation: Embracing the new R&D paradigm’ in London on 21-23rd January 2013

New appointments for Jackie Hunter

posted 2013-01-17 09:39:56

Jackie Hunter has been elected a fellow of the British Pharmacology Society and has joined the editorial board of the British Journal of Pharmacology

Cyprus Presidency promotes win-win on health and competitiveness

posted 2012-11-29 09:18:42



Brussels, 20 Nov: Economic growth and lower healthcare costs are both possible if Europe exploits the opportunities of personalised healthcare, according to a report prepared under the aegis of the Cyprus Presidency of the EU. 

The report, “Building an Open Innovation ecosystem in Europe for healthcare”, will be launched at a press conference in the European Parliament in Brussels on 29 November. 

It sets out clear recommendations for an Open Innovation culture that will promote economic growth, increase employment and reduce healthcare costs. It is based on the InnovaHealth Conference in Larnaca, Cyprus, in October. 

Among its principal recommendations, it calls for :

  • A new public-private partnership under Horizon 2020 to bring together industry, scientists, policymakers, and patients to promote radical change and innovation in healthcare.
  • A new task force within the European Commission to promote Open Innovation within healthcare. 
  • Adaptation of EU industrial policies to develop lead markets for life-science innovation. 

‘The success of the Innovative Medicines Initiative has demonstrated the added value of open innovation through public-private partnerships (PPPs) in healthcare’, comments Michel Goldman, Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative. ‘We therefore support the recommendations for a future  PPP as proposed in the InnovaHealth report.’ 

The press conference will take place at 11h30 in Room ASP 5G2 in the European Parliament. The report will be presented by Cypriot MEP Kyriacos Triantaphyllides and Nana Achilleos of the Cypriot Ministry of Health, as well as by co-authors of the report. 

The press conference will be followed by a lunch discussion of the report’s recommendations, hosted by Petru Luhan MEP, and featuring David Byrne, Co- Chair of the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Jackie Hunter, Organiser of the Innova-Health Conference, Stephen McMahon of the Irish Patient Association, Michel Goldman, Innovative Medicine Initiative, President of the European Development Platform, and European Commission. 


Contact :  

Denis Horgan, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, +32 (0)472 5 3 51 04,  

E-Mail: denis.horgan@euapm.eu 

EAPM, Rue De L'aqueduc 88A, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, 



EAPM Office: Rue De L'aqueduc 88A, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, 

Denis Horgan, EAPM Office, Tel: +32 (0)472 5 3 51 04, E-Mail: denis.horgan@euapm.eu, 

Introducing Open Innovation to Project Managers

posted 2012-11-29 09:09:08

OI Pharma Parters Co-Founder, Elisabeth Goodman, recently ran a 2-part Workshop on Open Innovation 

The workshop was delivered as part of PIPMG's conference on: "Discovery to Market: Three Critical Stages - Turning Ideas into Projects", held on the 19th-20th November 2012, in London

Approximately 30 Project Managers in Pharma and Biotech took part.

Announcing the EU Innovahealth Conference, 11-13 October 2012, Larnaca, Cyprus

posted 2012-08-12 21:38:17


We are excited to announce the full agenda for the forthcoming Innovahealth conference, facilitated by OI Pharma.


Background on the conference


Open Innovation for Health: A strategy for 2020

The EU in its 2020 strategy document indentified the Innovation Union as a core initiative to create the environment within Europe that will ensure innovative ideas can be turned into products and services that create growth and jobs. The need for such innovation is essential in health where significant challenges exist, especially in diseases of the elderly. At the same time huge advances in biomedical R&D offer tremendous opportunities. New business models and frameworks are required to bring stakeholders together and one such framework is open innovation (OI). Central to this concept of OI is the proactive management of intellectual property across a set of collaborators which enables both traditional and non-traditional stakeholders to work together to create new products and services.

The aim of INNOVATHEALTH is to define an OI strategy for health which will define the key enablers for the creation of an innovation ecosystem for healthcare within the EU. There are several key areas where such a strategy could have societal and economic impact including monitoring of wellness, early detection of disease, personalised medicine and monitoring of efficacy and compliance. The main deliverables of the project will be:

  • The development of a concise OI strategy for health
  • The organisation of a conference on OI in health in the second part of 2012 when the Republic of Cyprus will be holding the presidency of the EU
  • The submission of the strategy document to the Ministerial Competitiveness Council in December 2012

At the Presidency Conference in 2012 in Cyprus, selected speakers will present aspects of the strategy and the strategy document itself debated to deliver a consensus view on implementation routes for OI in health. The Commissioners for Health and Research are invited to attend the conference as well as key policy makers, industry representatives and other stakeholders from member States. The document will then be finalised and the main conclusions of the conference will be submitted to the Competitiveness Council in December 2012.

Join us for Open Innovation training

posted 2012-06-21 16:29:02

Jackie Hunter and Elisabeth Goodman have been asked to run a course on Open Innovation, through WTG training.  The 3 day course, entitled "Best Practice in Open Innovation: Embracing the New R&D Paradigm", is targetted at senior managers, directors, VPs within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, as well as senior academics responsible for driving collaborations, and others seking to understand the impact and opportunities of the new business models.  Two dates have been scheduled for the course, both in London: 3-5th October 2012, and 21st-23rd January.  For more details see this link

Open Innovation - an opportunity or a diversion?

posted 2012-02-03 12:48:07

At the request of Jeanette Walker, Campus project director for Cambridge's Biomedical Campus (www.cambridge-biomedical.com), OI Pharma Partners Principal Consultant Elisabeth Goodman, has published a short synopsis on "Open Innovation - an opportunity or a diversion?' (https://www.biopharmamarket.com/@offers/news/view/5563/). 

The piece is being used as background for the Campus' February 2012 dinner round-table discussion with CXOs from the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies, government and about 25 leading clinicians from Addenbrooke's and Papworth.  The topic for the discussions is new models for collaborative biologics R&D.

The 8 facilitators for the dinner include Dr Louise Leong - Head of R&D at the ABPI, Dr Nigel Whittle - Technology Specialist, Life Sciences at the UK Trade & Investment, and Dr Mary Archer - Chairman of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Announcing Our New Partner - Rick Keenan

posted 2012-02-02 21:37:22

We are proud to announce a new partner in the OI pharma team. Rick Keenan, Ph.D. is a Drug Discovery Consultant with over 25 years pharma R&D experience. Rick is based in Pennsylvania, and actively consults for biotech, venture capital and large pharmaceutical company clients.  While at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Rick spearheaded open and collaborative approaches to industry-wide research on neglected tropical diseases and led the efforts to publish whole cell malaria screening data online (see Chembl-NTD).  In 2005, Rick was a founding member and Vice-President of the Center of Excellence for External Drug Discovery
(CEEDD) and part of the leadership team responsible for managing a diverse drug discovery portfolio of existing and newly established alliances.  Over the course of his research career in medicinal chemistry, Rick Keenan contributed directly to the discovery of numerous clinical development compounds from a variety of therapeutic areas, including two marketed drugs: the Angiotensin Receptor blocker Teveten and the TPO receptor agonist Promacta.   He is listed as an inventor over thirty patents and has authored more than fifty research publications. Rick graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Stanford University with Professor Paul Wender.

We're excited to have Rick join the team, Welcome Rick!

Open Innovation – a primer. Notes from an interactive workshop in Cambridge

posted 2011-11-17 11:22:04

On 11th November 2011, OI Pharma Partners, ran an interactive workshop on Open Innovation, bringing insights from the life sciences and IT sectors.

This was the first joint event organised by Cambridge Network and One Nucleus, and it attracted a good number of delegates from a cross-section of disciplines, and from small, medium, and corporate organisations. Participants also had a range of prior experience of Open Innovation – from none at all, to utilising it as an existing way of working for their organisations. On the day feedback was excellent - 100% of participants felt the session gave them new insight or significantly increased their understanding of OI

The slides from the event are available in our slideshare account via the OI Resources tab of this web site.  Our blog captures the notes from the interactive discussions and break-out sessions. If you would like to talk to us about running a similar event with your organisation, do get in contact.

Open Innovation - a primer: Join us at our first interactive OI workshop

posted 2011-10-16 22:30:16

We are proud to announce our first open innovation workshop jointly hosted by the Cambridge Network and One Nucleus

This workshop will try to dispel some of the hype that surrounds open innovation (OI) and take a practical approach to explore key themes through presentations, break-out exercises, case studies and discussion:

  • What is meant by and the principles of OI
  • Understanding the OI Ecosystem
  • Barriers and enablers to OI in participants’ organizations
  • How OI differs between large and small companies
  • OI from the perspectives of both the innovation provider and consumer
  • What participants might do as next steps within / outside their organisations to implement OI as a strategy to create more value

The workshop will be held at Granta Park, Cambridge on the 11 Nov 2011 from 9am-1pm (Lunch included!)

Find out more here

OI Pharma CEO delivers keynote address at the New York Academy of Sciences meeting on Animal Models

posted 2011-09-26 20:59:13

On Sept 15th 2011, OI Pharma Partners CEO, Jackie Hunter, gave the keynote address at the New York Academy of Sciences on Animal Models in Drug Discovery and Development.  In it, she outlined some of the reasons for failure in the current paradigm of drug discovery and development and how more focus on models of mechanism could provide better translation into the clinic.  Summaries of this and other presentations will be published in the Annals of the NYAS.  The meeting was co-hosted by GMEC and the NYAS as the third in a joint series of meetings between the two organisations and the first to be held in the USA. Ellis Rubenstein, Chief Executive of the NYAS, commented in his Welcome to attendees that these talks originated from a series of conversations that he had with Jackie whilst she was still at GlaxoSmithKline and he was pleased to see that they had gone from strength to strength.  Jim Hagan, CEO of GMEC, closed the meeting and highlighted some of the important discussion points raised such as the means by which negative data could be more readily published and for more precompetitive collaboration between both industry and academia.

OI Pharma hosted student wins coveted Cambridge University, RSA Award for best project

posted 2011-06-29 11:26:41

Last week we attended one nucleus at Great Chesterford, for a one-day symposium showcasing projects from the University of Cambridge, Institute of Biotechnology, Master's in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) programme. It was an impressive day, as the undoubted next-generation of entrepreneurs presented on subjects as diverse as access to healthcare in India, Bionic limb development, and of course pharma R&D.  

The Master's in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) programme is a one year multi-disciplinary biotechnology and business degree course. It is designed for high-achieving individuals with enthusiasm for enterprise, who have the ambition to found technology businesses or take up leadership, executive or consultancy roles in the life sciences sector.

The Cambridge MBE's: Tomorrow's Buisness Leaders....


The students who have studied a wide range of topics in great depth are challenged with describing to the audience the research and recommendations drawn from their internship activites. The annual symposium brings together the students of the programme, the University examiners and also representatives from business who over the past three months have hosted the students in their companies during a practical internship.

This year we were lucky enough to host an excellent student at OI Pharma Partners, Phillip Benedetti. Phillip worked with us on evaluating open access models for drug discovery. His thesis took a critical look at the value proposition of pre-competitive data sharing across the pipeline and came up with surprising results which we will soon be publishing.  

Each year the RSA prize is presented to the student who produces the most excellent results, and this year, we really are proud to say, it was Phillip Benedetti who received the award for his work. Well done Phillip!

You can read more about the day here. Meanwhile, watch this space for news of our forthcoming publications in this area 

Mike Barnes, OI Pharma Partners

A new force for open innovation in pharma and healthcare: OI pharma partners announces launch

posted 2011-03-25 11:34:47

Press Release 

OI pharma partners ('OI pharma partners' or the 'Company')

Hertfordshire, 25 March 2011. OI pharma partners, a pharma and healthcare consultancy focused on the application of open innovation principles to healthcare research and development was formally launched today. The company is led by a highly experienced team of pharmaceutical R&D professionals, headed by Dr Jackie Hunter, CBE. Dr Hunter has over 20 years of Pharmaceutical leadership experience, most recently as SVP at GlaxoSmithKline, developing their external R&D innovation strategy. Prior to this she was the head of the Neurology and Gastrointestinal (NGI) Centre of Excellence for Drug Discovery (CEDD), accountable for discovery and early clinical development in Gastroenterology and Neurology. She has played significant roles in the implementation and governance of major international industrial and public-private partnerships.

The new company has already secured an EU grant to carry out a consultation process with industry leaders to develop an open innovation in healthcare strategy for the EU. This will be launched in Cyprus to mark their Presidency in 2012. OI pharma partners are now seeking to initiate collaborations with Pharma R&D, Biotech and Healthcare companies who would like to implement an open innovation strategy in their own organisation. OI pharma partners can help to identify specific strategic areas where value can be added internally, making better use of internal IP. It can also source the best innovators and innovative technology globally by use of its Proprietary Innovation Pool. The company is experienced in driving cultural change to improve the adoption of OI strategies within organisations with its Innovation Implementation Programme.

Jackie Hunter, founder and Chief Executive Officer of OI pharma partners, commented “OI pharma partners helps the Pharmaceutical industry, academia and the public sector use Open Innovation to accelerate drug development and leverage the power of underutilised Intellectual Property. We use our pharmaceutical expertise, networks and experience of implementing cultural change to understand the needs of the client, explore with them how OI can help achieve this vision and then work with the client to implement OI solutions”.

Michael Barnes, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at OI pharma partners, commented “At OI pharma partners, we are all passionate about making open innovation work for drug discovery and development. That’s not always easy, but after working on a number of international open innovation projects we know the best practices in open innovation to revitalise research, reduce cost and improve productivity.”

Elisabeth Goodman, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at OI pharma partners, added “Open Innovation requires a different mind-set and way of working.  OI pharma partners will not only identify new opportunities for partners to work on, but will help you to plan and implement the cultural change which is key to their success.”.
For further information please contact:

Jackie Hunter CEO – OI Pharma Partners,  Jackie@oipharmapartners.com

About OI pharma partners

OI pharma partners is a life science consultancy company focused on application of open innovation principles to research in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector. OI pharma partners' Proprietary Innovation Pool allows clients to access the best innovators and innovative technology, while the company’s Innovation Implementation programme is designed to change internal R&D by a process of radical innovation.

Further information on OI pharma partners can be found at the Company’s website:





"Open Innovation... not only accelerates space mission R&D, but makes the R&D more cost efficient...."

Douglas Comstock, NASA

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