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We're regularly presenting and leading workshops on Open Innovation. You can see slides from a selection of these presentations on our slideshare page .

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Leading Open Innovation Resources for Healthcare 

Open Innovation is not just a way of working, it's an invitation to join a worldwide research community. We are proud to consider OI Pharma Partners part of the worldwide OI community. We aim to take a lead on open innovation in the healthcare industry. Naturally we are not the first to do this, so in the true spirit of OI we'd like to highlight some resources that have already blazed an OI trail in Pharma and Healthcare

  • ChEMBL is a truly trail blazing database for Open Innovation, funded by the Wellcome Trust. The database is focused on bioactive drug-like small molecules and biologicals. It contains 2-D structures, calculated properties (e.g. logP, Molecular Weight, Lipinski Parameters, etc.) and abstracted bioactivities (e.g. binding constants, pharmacology and ADMET data). read more on the Chembl BLOG 

Pistoia Alliance

  • The Pistoia Alliance is a pharma industry-led initiative to provide an open foundation of data standards, ontologies and services to streamline the Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery workflow (Chemistry, Biological Screening, Logistics) through common business terms, relationships and processes


  • The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is Europe's largest public-private initiative aiming to speed up the development of better and safer medicines. With a €2 billion euro budget, IMI supports collaborative research projects and builds networks of industrial and academic experts in Europe that will boost innovation in healthcare. Acting as a neutral third party in creating innovative partnerships, IMI aims to build a more collaborative ecosystem for pharmaceutical research and development (R&D). The leadership at OI Pharma have been closely involved in IMI from the project inception and we think it's a unique force for innovation. A number of major IMI projects are already underway, a key one to watch is the OpenPhacts project, which aims to construct an Open Pharmacological Space, to enable structured data sharing for drug discovery.


  • What does open innovation look like in practice? Innocentive is one successful model that harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to solve problems ranging from drug discovery to cleaning up oil spills....  


A few highlights from the OI blogosphere  

There are a bewidlering number of Blogs that touch on the subect of OI, but here are a few of the best that we've found useful in a drug discovery context:

"So what is it we are looking for from open innovation? ... Breakthrough opportunities."

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