How We Work


Our approach is based on an interactive partnership to ensure that you are getting the best value from us in meeting your needs. We will have between 2-3 initial conversations, at least one of them face-to-face, to:

Step 1. Understand your requirements

Step 2. Agree what we will bring to you and the costs involved (at this point we will also agree which partner(s) will be working with you).

Step 3. Delivery and monitoring progress is the essence of our work with you, be it ‘Strategy’, ‘Implementation’ or ‘Open Innovation Intermediary’

Step 4. Ensuring we have met your needs – will include a report and detailed two-way discussion of delivery vs. original remit


"By adopting a more “Open Innovation” agenda, GSK is adapting its business model to find new solutions"

Andrew Witty, CEO, GSK

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