OI Intermediary

"Double dipping? Can you help us to identify and maximise our own IP and combine it with the best IP from other organisations ..."



There is no prescribed way to do this, but here are some of the areas where we can help you to achieve your business goals:

  • Value creation by identifying open innovation opportunities in your organisation
  • Acting as a broker to maximise leverage on your IP
  • Due diligence for venture capital funding
  • Bringing/finding novel IP/ideas/molecules to your organisation

Some areas of Pharma research demand specialist expertise and attention, for example the developing field of companion diagnostic development. That's why we have applied our own inhouse text mining and analysis to develop "Proprietary Innovation Pools". Contact us for more details....


"By adopting a more “Open Innovation” agenda, GSK is adapting its business model to find new solutions"

Andrew Witty, CEO, GSK

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